​A quilt can be any size. Think about what you want it for. Snuggling under on the sofa watching TV? To cover the top of the bed or as a display on the wall? I have several quilts around the house - over bannisters, on sofas and on the bed. I have warm cosy woollen patchwork blankets and light summery cotton throws.

​The cost is approximately £12 per square foot plus wadding and backing fabric. Postage and packing will be £10 - £15 per item.

How to Commission a Quilt.

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As you can see, I am very fond of simple designs to create a pattern, but if you have seen something you like, then why not show me. If I am making a memory quilt from cherished clothes, then sometimes what I have decides on the how the quilt looks.

Perhaps you have a stash of fabric and would love for it to be used. I like nothing better than working with fabrics that do not appear to go together. Sometimes a stunning quilt can be the result.

Have you ever thought of commissioning a quilt? I am here to help you decide what you might like. Why not get in touch to discuss size, colour and design. You can contact me via:

Magghi Mclean
Mobile: 07889 258176
Telephone: 01671 820577
Address: Bank Villa, Bank Street, Creetown,
Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, DG8 7H


My favourite fabric choice is using what I have or recycling fabric that other people have given me, because they no longer have a use for it.

I often make quilts from Tartan or Tweed, because I love the colours and texture, but recently I have gone back to cotton. Over the past year or so I realised that I wanted to use what I had, so out came my stash of cotton and I've made 3 quilts so far!

Maybe you have some fabric that you bought for a project and never got round to doing. Why not make it into a quilt?